Learners (the 40 Afghan women and 10 Karen adults participating in the program) are enrolled for a minimum period of one year. During this time the Refugee Response will recruit and train tutors from the Cleveland area to match with them. All tutors recruited must be 18 years of age and above.  In order to respect the culture norms of our clients we work to pair mentors with learners of the same gender. At present 95% of our learners are women. 

We require a minimum 1 year commitment from our tutors. We ask that each week at least one two-hour session be held at the client's house. The Refugee Response will conduct orientation, cultural training and provide tutors with appropriate resources for the tutoring process.


At the start of the year, tutors with the clients and TRR staff will complete an individual development plan for the course of the year. Each week the Refugee Response staff will follow up with students and every month we will collect a feedback report from tutors to address any questions and to get input on progress.

Every other month a group gathering will be held for all the students and trainees. This will provide an opportunity to meet others in the program and share experiences and tips on language learning.



Volunteers undergo screening and receive training and support from the Refugee Response staff before and throughout their tutoring assignment. Interested volunteers must submit an application to express their interest, complete a phone interview with TRR staff, pass a background check, and attend a general program orientation to learn more. Depending on need, tutors are then matched with a student. New tutors entering the new program cycle as well as tutors continuing have an opportunity to meet in person and attend a final training before the start of the new cycle to review requirements and policies, best approaches, and receive detailed information about their assigned learner’s family.

Following this TRR Education Staff organizes introductions, and accompanies tutors on their first visit to the home.  Tutors exchange contact information with families and establish a weekly schedule, and visit with their learner independently thereafter.


Tutors receive support from Refugee Response Staff with regards to scheduling, communication, mentoring strategy, as well as some material resources. Tutors have access to a private online Resources Portal that provides program information, guidance, and education resources in the form of web based tools, printable worksheets. Tutors have the opportunity to connect with one another at various events and socials hosted by The Refugee Response over the course of the year.


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