Naila Paul

Director of Youth Programs

Naila is an educator, program leader, and creative problem solver, skilled at building personal connections and creating opportunities for educational exchange that bring individuals’ strengths to light. As a member of the organization’s senior leadership team, Naila supports managers and teams across each of TRR’s growing youth programs, manages key school and district level partnerships, and leads vision and strategy across the organization’s youth services. Since joining the organization in 2015, Naila has she has overseen significant growth, creatively expanded resources, and developed critical processes and infrastructure to ensure high quality program services for every student, family, and volunteer that engages with TRR.

Prior to joining the Refugee Response, Naila worked as a private language instructor to immigrant families and business professionals from around the globe with IOR Global Services, offering in-home, office-based, and virtual language coaching in English and Spanish. She first entered the world of refugee education in 2013 as an ESL instructor to preliterate and Level 3 adults at the Alliance for Multicultural Community Services, a refugee resettlement agency in Houston, Texas. At the same time, she volunteered as a mentor to a refugee family of nine. A language enthusiast, she has both studied and worked at foreign language programs and immersion camps throughout the U.S. including the Middlebury Monterey Language Institute and Oberlin College, and obtained her TESOL training through Oberlin Shansi.

Naila graduated from Oberlin College with a bachelor's degree in Hispanic Studies and Comparative literature, minors Politics and Middle East and North African Studies, and is currently pursuing a professional certificate in Data Analytics.