Onboarding Check List

Schedule an interview

Our staff will invite you to schedule an interview with us over video chat, using Zoom. This will provide an opportunity for us to get to know you better, provide you with more information about the program, and address any questions you may have.

Once your background check result comes in and is cleared by our team, we ask you to complete a few different forms and provide us with some additional documents.


These include our Volunteer Participation Waiver, Mentor Commitment Pledge, as well as a headshot to help various members of our team put a face to your name for internal use. Volunteers who will serve in a transport role will be asked to provide a copy of their driver's license and proof of auto insurance.

Virtual Mentor

Learning Lab Mentor

Please complete the forms below that are relevant to your role as indicated:

Paperwork should be submitted within 1 week of receiving the request.

Complete an application

Complete our easy online application here. You will see a confirmation upon submission to verify it was received by our team.

Clear a background check

All volunteers over 18 years of age interacting with youth will be required to complete and clear a background check for the safety of our clients. Results are usually available the same week. If you have any concerns around your record we encourage you to self disclose and consult with our staff prior to conducting the check.


Our organization typically covers the cost of these checks,  however we do offer you the opportunity to donate to the organization to help us cover the cost of that check. Background checks cost us an average of $40 per volunteer and are one of the biggest expenses we incur to keep the program running. If you would like to defray a portion of the cost rather than the full amount, pleas email a member of our staff for instructions on how to do so. Any donations to help us cover these costs are greatly appreciated and allow us to take our existing resources even further.


Our staff will arrange for you to receive an invitation by email to complete a simple online form to initiate the background check process. Please look out for an email from our volunteer screening provider, "Sterling Volunteers."

Background check forms should be completed within 48 hours of receiving the request.

Provide Supplemental Documents

Complete Online Training Course

Module 1: The Refugee Response, an Introduction 


Module 2: Policy Handbook

Please review the Youth Mentoring Program Policy Handbook cover to cover.

Sign the Policy Handbook Agreement

Complete the Comprehension exercise.

Module 3: Effective Relationship Building and Engagement with Youth


Module 4: Introduction to Flexible Teaching Strategies

Additional Trainings are currently in development. Mentors who complete onboarding and begin volunteering will be asked to complete these additional required trainings as they become available. Additional opt-in training/learning opportunities may also be offered to mentors throughout the year in response to specific needs and demand.


Before you get started, you will need to complete a series of short trainings to prepare you for your role. These trainings will help you understand our program policies, safety protocols, best practices, and will familiarize you with the many resources we have available to ensure you can make a positive impact during your time with us.


You will be able to complete these trainings on your own time. These trainings are specific to our organization's work and your role, and should take between 3-4 hours to complete in total. Please visit the link below, view the videos included, complete the accompanying exercises and confirm your submission of the training. 

All About Me (virtual mentors only)

Your last assignment will be to record a simple introductory video for us to share with your student before you meet face-to-face on Zoom. This is a great way to get our kids excited, get a glimpse of who you are, and allows them to prepare some questions of their own to break the ice during your first online meeting.


You can find instructions on how to record and submit your video here



By this stage, our team will have selected a student match for you. We will share a few details about your student match to understand their background, interests, and academic needs.

You will receive an invitation to access our Mentor Communication Platform on Slack, which allows you to receive communications from staff, communicate easily with other mentors serving the same family, and establish a support group with other new and seasoned volunteers alike. All virtual mentors will be required to download the Slack Program app on their phones or set up notifications from the online platform on their desktop device.


Finally, you will also receive an email from our team with information on how to log on for your first Virtual Mentoring Session with the Program. We look forward to seeing you there!


Once you have cleared all the previous steps, our staff will reach out to you to confirm you are ready to begin your volunteer assignment, and share details around your confirmed weekly schedule/shift and start date.


See below for details pertinent to your selected role:

Program Volunteering Begins

Learning Lab mentors will receive confirmed schedule/shift information and start date. A staff person will be on site at the Learning Lab on your first day to give you a tour and overview of the space, and help orient you with available learning tools and resources. Staff will also introduce you to client youth or families who are scheduled to use the lab during your assigned shift, and identify learning goals and objectives for those youth.

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We're here to help.

If you have any questions about the Mentor enrollment process or requirements, please reach out to Alexandra for guidance.

Alexandra Magearu

Mentor Support Coordinator